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Steve Fossett Rumored to be Shot Down over Area 51

While I can’t in any way give credence to this rumor, I do feel required to report on it. Adventurer and rich guy Steve Fossett disappeared 90 miles south of Reno, NV, USA on September 5th after leaving a private ranch by small aircraft. This man has piloted innumerable aircraft (including, most famously, balloons), so this isn’t the JFK Jr. thing all over again. Perhaps oddly, no flight plan was logged by Fossett. There were no anomalous weather conditions to report.

Aerial searches have revealed nothing. Google Maps-style searches have also uncovered nothing to do with Fossett, although some old, unrelated crash sites were discovered.

Rampant speculation culminated in Miles O’Brien suggesting that Fossett was shot down over Area51 while on-air at CNN. While probably ridiculous, this rumor now has a life of its own and continues to spark wonder across the Internet.

So where the hell is Steve Fossett? Did he fake his own death? Was this really some kind of conspiracy, government or otherwise? Leave us your thoughts. Especially if you’re Steve Fossett.