3 Great UFO Documentary Movies on YouTube

Among these films are some of the best UFO documentary movies ever produced, and since you can watch them on YouTube free of charge, it’s definitely the venue of choice. (Actually, you don’t even need to venture out to YouTube; you can watch them right here!)

Skeptical about the UFO phenomenon or not, these movies will blow your mind.

Note: you might want to check out the best Area 51 documentaries on YouTube, too.

Out of the Blue

This well-respected film is widely considered to be the best UFO documentary ever made. Narrated by noted actor Peter Coyote, it is sober and measured as it interviews witnesses of the Phoenix Lights, the Roswell Incident, and other significant but lesser-known incidents—including some witnessed by well-known NASA astronauts, who appear in the film.

It would be difficult to watch this movie in an impartial state of mind and not come away intrigued if not convinced.

I Know What I Saw

This UFO documentary shares its director, James Fox, with Out of the Blue, and it’s just as compelling and amazing. Where Out of the Blue focuses on compelling UFO incidents in the modern era, I Know What I Saw spends its time juxtaposing credible UFO witnesses against the stance of official denial by the US military. Especially damning: interviews with J. Allen Hynek, once the scientific adviser to the US Air Force’s Project Blue Book. Hynek’s job with Blue Book was to come up with “rational” explanations for UFO sightings, but he was so convinced by some of the evidence he encountered that he later became a ufologist and admitted that the Air Force had told him to deny UFO reality, despite what he might otherwise think.

The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone

The US government is hiding UFO secrets: many people believe this is a fact beyond debate. The Secret examines leaked government evidence of captured craft that is not of this world, of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (E.B.E.s) associated with those craft, and of a carefully controlled effort to hide the UFO reality from the general public. Leaked documents are examined by experts who studied watermarks, stamps, and other tell-tale signs and declared them to be genuine. The story they tell—including crash events we’ve never heard of—is astounding. Don’t miss The Secret.

Amazon Prime Bonus: Mirage Men

If you have Amazon Prime—and who doesn’t these days?—then there’s another movie you should check out. Mirage Men is a well-made documentary that studies the US government agents who, over decades, have injected disinformation—lies—into the UFO community. The film focuses on an agent named Richard Doty, an apparent sociopath whose job it was to ruin lives and create as much confusion as possible. It’s difficult enough to study the UFO phenomenon, but when the government constantly muddies the water for the sake of “national security” it’s infinitely more challenging. Mirage Men will probably anger and disgust you, but if you are interested in UFOs, it’s worth watching for the insight it provides.

Mirage Men

Extra Bonus: the Extraordinary Beliefs Films from Jeremy Corbell

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell is a film directory with a project. He calls it Extraordinary Beliefs, and it’s a series of films about subjects that are simultaneously beyond belief and absolutely real. Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar is the subject of one movie, while another, the excellent I Am Nano Man, reveals hidden technology that is decades ahead of what the best Earth science has now (with the obvious implication: it’s not of this world). Others cover subjects like a man with implants made of impossible metals and UFO/conspiracy legend John Lear.

By the way, we are not in any way affiliated with Jeremy or his work—we’re just fans. We get no money from the films. The cost? It’s pretty cheap; $2.99 to rent for a month.


ide Note: you may notice that some of these films are from the UFO TV’s YouTube channel. They host a lot of interesting stuff, and we highly recommend surfing through their collection. (We have no affiliation with UFO TV, although, well, it would be kind of cool if we did.)

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