3 Weird Paranormal Phenomena You Probably Don’t Know

Even your grandma knows about Sasquatch. Ghosts are a part of nearly every culture on Earth. UFO sightings? Sure. Psychic abilities? Everyone’s heard of that. A lot of people even know the Mothman.

But if you scratch the surface of the paranormal world, you’ll find things and events that aren’t part of everyday popular culture. Whatsmore, they get weird. Really weird.

The Flying Man

It’s happened all over the world, but the descriptions are always the same: there’s a flapping sound and a shadow on the ground, and when the witnesses look up, there’s a man with wings flying and hovering above them.

Flying Humanoids
Flying Humanoids Have Been Reported All
Over the World with Very Similar Descriptions

“That thing … had the body of a man,” reported Sinclair Taylor, an Air Force private on duty at Camp Okubo, Japan in 1952. At a guard post at night, Taylor saw a huge bird-like silhouette in the moonlight; when it got closer (prompting Taylor to load his gun), the thing stopped and hovered, staring at him. “It was well over seven feet from head to feet, and its wingspread was almost equal to its height.”

Similar sightings have occured in the states of Illinois, New Mexico, and Nebraska, as well as the countries of Vietnam and Indonesia. Eye-witnesses usually report being disturbed by a “very frightening, almost demonic” face.

Shadow People

They appear in the corner of your eye, gone before you can turn to look. Yet you know what you saw: it was a figure, completely black like a shadow, lurking.

Shadow people have been part of myth and folklore in cultures world-wide, but they first came to popular attention in 2001 on Art Bell’s legendary Coast to Coast AM radio show. Bell was fascinated by the description of shadow people by a guest, and asked his audience to call in if they’d had experiences with them. The phone lines were flooded.


Shadow people are said to have no discernable features—just a jet black shadow, sometimes reported to have glowing red eyes. They seem to prowl and lurk just out of sight, and when witnesses try to look at them, the shadow person vanishes or moves quickly out of sight.

Many people believe they are interdimensional beings, although others are convinced that shadow people are actually time travellers, barely visible in our reality.

Pterosaur Sightings

They’ve been dead for 65 million years. Right?

Yet people are still seeing pterosaurs, gliding effortlessly, in remote corners of the world and even in populated areas. The long beak and huge, featherless wings are quick giveaways that eye-witnesses are seeing a creature from the primeval world and just some large bird. Their manner of flying is reported to be unusual, different than birds: “I expected him to land like a model airplane,” said one witness, James Thompson, who spotted a pterosaur near Los Fresnos, Texas in 1982. “But he flapped his wings enough to get above the grass.”Pterosaur

“It just glided,” said another witness, David Rendon, whose pterosaur appeared near San Antonio, Texas in 1976. “It didn’t fly … the wings were very peculiar like.”

Besides Texas, pterosaurs have also been sighted in many other parts of the world. Jonathan David Whitcomb, author of Live Pterosaurs in America, maintains a website on pterosaur sightings and manages a pterosaur tracking database. He reports sightings in multiple US states, Australia, Papua New Guinea, China, and Africa.

We wonder: is this animal truly still alive in the present day? Or are they experiencing brief time slips from eons ago into the modern era?

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