Chupacabra and Bigfoot: Skeptics Decide?

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CNET, a technology review website no one remembers from the ’90s, is tossing its hat into the skeptics ring by taking to task two cryptid reports over the several days. In a desperate scramble for relevance, CNET has filed these “stories” under its “Internet” category –– meaning stuff they found on the internet that they know nothing about.

The first article tackled this peculiar footage from Portugal of a thin, gray creature walking upright in the desert. The creature is deeply disturbing, yet CNET dismisses it outright as a hoax. It’s worth reviewing the footage and forming your own opinions. Chupacabra, alien or hoax? You decide.

The self-styled skeptics then turned their attention to some excellent trail camera footage from our friends at Sasquatch Chronicles, ground zero for cryptid reports. This time, the footage comes to us from Sequoia National Park. Wonder how they managed to sneak in and maintain a trail cam? The footage is credited to a law enforcement officer.

Again, instead of treating the footage with some intellectual curiosity and professional reserve, CNET’s shills dismiss it out of hand. The footage clearly shows a hairy, upright creature at very close range. Considering the area of the trail cam, a bigfoot sighting is not out of the question. The legs certainly appear more human than bear. You be the judge.

Maybe CNET should stick to consumer electronics and leave the paranormal to the rest of us.

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