Finding Bigfoot, “Bigfoot’s Maine Event”, Jan 10, 2016

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A Kind-of-Close Bigfoot Encounter!

Every episode of Finding Bigfoot starts with a shining hope: that this time they’ll really find one.

I don’t mean that Matt Moneymaker will pull up to team base camp with a sasquatch strapped to the hood of his pickup. But how about finding a footprint after hearing howls? Or—the holy grail—the sight of of a large, fast-moving biped on the thermal camera?

They didn’t get either of those in “Bigfoot’s Maine Event”, but they did have as much success as they’ve ever had to date. Read on to find out more.

Meet Loren Coleman, Mr. Sasquatch

Loren Coleman on Finding Bigfoot

Loren Coleman, cryptozoologist, shows the
team some bigfoot hotspots in Maine

The episode kicks off with a visit with famed cryptozoologist Loren Coleman and a tour of his International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland (Maine). Loren is the real deal: an accomplished author and researcher, an active publisher on a number of blogs. His books on bigfoot are among the definitive works on the subject (check out the “Bigfoot & Cryptozoology” section of our store for one of Loren’s best)—and he’s known to be a pretty nice guy.

If you follow Loren on Facebook, you’ll get occasional peeks into the museum, but the footage we see in this week’s episode is much more revealing. 10,000 artifacts?! It would difficult not to be like a little kid in a cryptozoological candy store (as Ranae says). There are real pieces of evidence on display, but what I hadn’t realized previously is that he’s also got pop culture items, too. Cool.

Spooky Howls and Knocks

I was skeptical of Maine; I still believe that most real bigfoot sightings occur in the Northwest US, where people were spotting giant hairy bipeds long before “bigfoot” and “sasquatch” became household names. However, Maine is 90% undeveloped, as Ranae informs us, and isolated forests like we see in this episode would provide a nice, squatchy habitat. I opened my mind. This is why we watch Finding Bigfoot, truthfully: not so much to actually find Bigfoot, but to see the team exploring the woods, in the daytime as well as night. (Maybe especially the night.)

Matt Moneymaker’s solo venture is the standout segment of this episode. He explores the remote forest in southern Maine near Bradbury Mountain State Park and has quick success. After a few wood knocks (and a comic sequence in which he drops his mallet and gropes to find it in the dark), we’re greeted by a lonely, unearthly distant howl. It’s not a coyote and not any other identifiable animal. Matt’s convinced: he’s found one.

The squatchers always seem to drop the ball when they try their howls; if Bigfoot really is out there, he’s not easily fooled. Still, the multiple howls we hear in this episode, along with some answering tree knocks, are satisfying and creepy enough to make this episode a winner.


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