Finding Bigfoot, “Grand Bigfoot Hotel”, January 17, 2016

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We don’t really think our trusty team from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (er, BFRO) are going to find Bigfoot in any particular episode—at least, not actually sit down and have cookies with one. Why do we watch the show? To see likable people in beautiful, remote terrain, especially when that terrain is in a surprising place.

This week’s episode is set in New Hampshire. None of them had ever been to that state before, and I haven’t either, so I was as surprised as they were to discover that its White Mountains are vast and stunning. Who knew?

Ranae is quick to inform us that 84% of New Hampshire is forested, which explains why they’re there; lots of forest = squatchy! I’m inclined to agree; they should’ve been there long before now. They’ve been in Louisiana twice, and they’re just now getting to the White Mountains? That’s almost criminal.

Pipe Knock

The Team Investigates a “Wood Knock” from
a Faulty Water Pipe

Bigfoot Hotel

Our Fab Four is there responding to a request from the Omni Mount Washington Resort, an opulent and extravagant hotel in the northern part of the state. “My god, it’s like The Shining,” says Matt, referring to the spooky hotel from the famous horror movie. That’s a little odd, frankly, since the actual hotel front used in The Shining is the Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood in Oregon, a very squatchy region that Moneymaker ought to be quite familiar with.

We have a brief interlude in which Bobo demands a spa day from the hotel manager, and we have an interview with a snowboarding stoner who claims to have seen a giant creature effortlessly plowing through the snow a few years back. The snowboarder had stopped “for a breather”, which I assume is code for a bong hit; I’m not especially inclined to believe the stoner.

It’s Just a Pipe, Dude

Then the team gets down to Bigfoot business—and an immediate bumble. Their first night investigation seems to be fruitful when a Cliff howl get answered by a wood knock, repeatedly. They track down the source of the knocks, only to discover it’s a noisy pipe. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous.

We don’t really care, though. We’re watching to see the team ride in Snowcats and snowmobiles and use thermal cameras. Actually finding evidence of a Bigfoot may be interesting but it’s not vital. It’s enough that they’re out there, especially when they can show us wonderful and perhaps previously unknown vistas and adventures.


Cliff and Bobo are Fooled by a Fake Footprint

Oh, and the gear. The gear they have is cool.

Bad Casting

The outing this week is otherwise uneventful unless you’re inclined to believe that the oversized footprint video and cast is legit; I feel a doubting streak coming on. The prints are just too big, and the guy who made the cast seems just a bit shady to me.

This does beg a question: when the team is sure they’ve encountered a Sasquatch, why don’t they ever go looking for footprints the next day? There are times—not particularly in this episode—when everyone, even Ranae to some degree—seems convinced they’ve encountered something. Why not go looking for hair and footprints and any other evidence? They always move on as if it doesn’t matter.

And I’m mostly still OK with it. We watch for the gear. And the vistas. And the team.

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