Ancient Aliens Caused Nuclear Explosions on Mars?

Evidence of Ancient Aliens

Scientists have found evidence that Mars may have had nuclear explosions on its surface –– perhaps caused by a lost civilization of ancient aliens. Mars has a high concentration of the gas isotope Xenon 129 in its atmosphere and an excess of uranium and thorium on its surface. The presence of these elements are likely the result of two large nuclear explosions on Mars in the distant past according to propulsion scientist Dr. John Brandenburg in his paper, “Evidence of a Massive Thermonuclear Explosion on Mars in the Past.”

Mars –– Home of Ancient Aliens?
Mars –– Home of Ancient Aliens?

Some scientists argue that the explosions must have been natural, if unusual, occurrences. Others contend that an ancient civilization would have to be responsible for explosions of that magnitude.

Dr. Brandenburg has considered and dismissed the “natural” explanation, saying that the Xenon 129 on Mars is more likely the product of a nuclear process rather than a geologic or atmospheric event. The presence of more lighter isotopes than heavy ones is the signature of a nuclear process. Brandenburg goes on to suggest that the large craters that would be expected to occur from natural events are also not present. This lead him to conclude that the nuclear events were likely airborne detonations, similar to what a nuclear bomb would produce. By analyzing the distribution patterns of the uranium and thorium on the surface of Mars, Brandenburg identified the two points where the massive nuclear blasts occurred.

Dating to approximately 180 million years ago, the nuclear explosions would have been large enough to devastate the red planet and create a climate catastrophe of civilization-ending proportions. Are these isotopes the last artifacts of a civilization that couldn’t find peace, and do they prefigure our own doomed future on planet Earth?

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