Planet X Returning to Destroy Earth? Really?!

Planet X

Planet X may be real—scientists say there probably is a giant “missing” planet in a long orbit around our sun. But what about researcher David Meade’s claim that it’s coming to destroy us in October 2017?

Horse-pucky. Here’s why.

Meade came up with his prediction using made-up conjecture and selected quotes from the Bible. He’s trying to sell an e-book—and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, he’s gone too far by inventing a catastrophe in order to hawk his wares.

Science Says Planet X is Real

Researcher David Meade says Planet X is coming
Researcher David Meade says Planet X is
coming to destroy the Earth

Science truly does say that there are anomalies in our solar system that can be explained by the existence of a large missing planet. (We’ve got coverage of this discovery. Also see the video we’ve embedded below for info.) That does not automatically mean that the planet is on the way to destroy us.

Is this truly the fabled Nibiru, the missing planet of the gods that the ancient Sumerians wrote about? The Anunnaki, inhabitants of that planet Nibiru, were said to have arrived here looking for gold (which their planet does not have). While they were here, they modified our ancestors’ DNA, combining it with their own. They thus created the first modern humans. The Anunnaki eventually left, but promised to return someday.

David Meade Says It’s Coming to Get Us

That’s some fascinating stuff, but does it mean that Nibiru is going to someday destroy Earth? David Meade is trying to tell us it’s true.

Writing for the a Niburu news website Mead says

[M]y response to people who do not believe in the Bible prophecies or the scientific data about the Planet X and Wormwood system: You should read ancient history and study geology, or visit your local natural science museum. Through investigative science, you will learn that major asteroids and comets were responsible for the catastrophic events in the past centuries and millennia.

Fair enough, but why does this mean that the planet is coming to get us? And why October 2017? Where does he get the idea that there’s a whole series of planets orbiting a second sun that’s driving Nibiru toward Earth? Meade never bothers to say.

According to the Daily Mail, one reviewer of Meade’s work rightly points out that

[O]n his website he focus on facts and science, astronomical “evidence” to lure some readers into his material, but after a dozen pages it starts to get all religious for almost 40 pages, more than a 1/3 of the book, mentioning visions and dreams.

[The a]uthor mentions several times how certain things are “facts” just because “God said so on the Bible”, and then goes on and on over the rapture.

We’re not going to worry about Meade’s odd predictions. You shouldn’t, either.

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