Art Bell: UFO Radio

We remember Art Bell, founder and host of Coast to Coast AM, a syndicated radio talk show that introduced the world to the UFO phenomenon and provided a forum for guests to discuss all things paranormal, weird and wild. In the 1990s, no one did more to promote the narrative that the earth had been visited by aliens and that the powers-that-be were trying to conceal it than Bell. He delved into a number of topics, but the subject of unidentified flying objects was one of his most popular. He talked to ex and current armed forces personnel and offered people the chance to call in and share their stories of strange sightings in the heavens.

Art Bell introduced the world to the mystery of Area 51. Back in ’97, a mysterious caller to Coast to Coast AM went on air, introducing himself as a test pilot from Area 51. He only stayed on the line for a few minutes, but sounded highly anxious and scared. Astonishingly, he claimed the supposed extraterrestrials were actually from other dimensions. Unexpectedly, Bell’s show was taken off the air and the caller was never heard from again. This would become one of his most renowned broadcasts.

Art Bell passed away at his home in Pahrump, Nevada in 2018. Coast to Coast AM continues with host George Noory who had filled in for Art Bell at various times before his death. In addition to new episodes of Coast to Coast AM nightly from 1am – 5am EST / 10pm – 2am PST, you can also experience the original, classic episodes from Art Bell in the Art Bell Vault (available to Coast insiders). The Vault includes a selection of vintage, commercial-free shows, available for streaming-on-demand for both mobile and desktop platforms. Two new programs are added to the Vault each week.

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