UFO Sightings Cluster in South America

A cluster of UFO sightings have been reported in South America. Video evidence of recently captured footage has appeared on YouTube from both Chile and Bolivia and has sparked a fierce online debate. Are these videos the product of eyewitnesses or hoaxers looking to profit from the UFO phenomenon?

UFO Sighting in Chile

The Santiago, Chile sighting is strangely reminiscent of the Phoenix Lights with what appears to be a number of ships lit up against the night sky hovering in formation. However, it’s also possible that the lights are part of one huge spacecraft, like the black triangle UFOs that have been spotted throughout the years, most notably during the Rendlesham forest incident in the UK in 1980.

The reaction of the girl in the video seems natural, and the video itself seems to be spontaneous rather than staged. It’s difficult to see how the incident could be a hoax.

UFO Sighting in Bolivia

In another recent incident in South America, this time in Bolivia, the UFO captured on video has a different appearance than the one in the footage from Chile. The UFO sighting in Bolivia shows an object that appears to be more similar to the classic “flying cigar” or “flying saucer” shapes. Since the object is seen from afar, it’s difficult to determine its exact shape, size or speed. It seems to be a solo craft and is sighted during the day. At times, it looks like a blimp when the camera zooms in on the craft. It seems relatively large in comparison to the mountains.



Are the two incidents related or mere coincidence?

These sightings are the latest, but not the only, evidence of UFO activity in South America. Earlier in 2015, UFO sightings were recorded Peru and Argentina. Several South American nations have formed governmental organizations to investigate UFO sightings, including Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, suggesting that the UFO phenomenon is well-known and being taken seriously by those in power.

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