Spy Satellite for UFOs: Will It Really Be Able to Detect Extraterrestrial Craft?

The problem is, no one is looking for UFOs in the atmosphere full-time. Alien craft could be buzzing through all the time, and we’d barely know it.

CubeSat for Disclosure Will Launch a CubeSat
to Search for UFOs

Dave Cote, leader of the CubeSat for Disclosure Project, wants to change that—at least, for three months.

Cote initiated Kickstarter and IndieGoGo (similar to Kickstarter) campaigns to send an honest-to-goodness satellite into low-earth orbit. While it’s up there, it will have one job: scan the skies for UFO activity.

A CubeSat is an inexpensive type of satellite, at least as satellites go—about $20,000, including launch, for a unit that’s roughly the size of a shoebox. Cote and his team, most of whom are technologists, intend to pack the Disclosure satellite with sensing equipment meant to look for unexplained flying objects. It will have two cameras with parabolic lenses, giving a 360-degree view of the sky around it. The satellite will look for unusual amounts of radiation coming from objects that come into its reach. It will also have infrared and electromagnetism sensors.

Cote says that they already have enough money to launch this year, “but we are looking for more funding so we can pack it with as much science equipment as possible …  if we raise enough funds, maybe we can get a radar on our sat, and have the ability to concretely verify objects in space.”

Dave Cote
Engineer Dave Cote Leads a Team That Will
Put a UFO-Seeking Satellite in Orbit

CubeSats usually stay in orbit for about three months before they are pulled in by gravity and burn up in the atmosphere. That may be, the team hopes, enough time to document at least one bona fide UFO sighting.

Cote and his team say they are driven by curiosity along with frustration by the number of UFO sightings made by cameras on the International Space Station—sightings that are rarely if ever followed up on.

“We have former astronauts, military personnel, police officers and the former Defense Minister of Canada come forward stating that extraterrestrial UFOs are real,” Cote says, “and that we are being visited. How can this be ignored and brushed off as nonsense?”

You can find the project’s fundraising information at its IndieGoGo page and at its Kickstarter page.

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