Where is the Biggest UFO Hotspot in America?

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There are so many UFO sightings that locals have named it “The UFO Hotspot of America”. The nearby highway is now known as “The Cosmic Highway”, and locals have built an observation tower for more convenient viewing.

San Luis Valley, CO

San Luis Valley, CO, a Major US UFO Hotspot

The San Luis Valley in southern central Colorado, south of Denver, is known by many in the UFO community as a great place to go if you want a realistic chance at seeing something unexplained in the sky. The area has long been known for UFO sightings and the appearance of unmarked black helicopters, which sometimes appear after sightings have occured. This is also the site of the first known animal mutilation in 1967; a horse was discovered having been drained of blood entirely. Also strange: parts of the carcass were found to have been cauterized.

All the unexplained activity led to the building of the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, Colorado, a small town near the center of the San Luis Valley—and, according to locals, the center of the “Bermuda Triangle of the West”. Besides being a tourist attraction, the tower is used by UFO enthusiasts as a gathering place and a viewing spot at night. The tower has been the location of some mass sightings, with, in some instances, some 60 people witnessing unexplained anomalies in the night sky.

UFO Watchtower

The UFO Watchtower in the San Luis Valley, CO

UFO sightings often come in waves; an invasion of white orb-shaped lights occurred in late 2014. Many people spotted the white lights in the sky in the day and at night; although they vaguely resembled some kind of balloon, they exhibited behavior unheard of with balloons, hovering motionless over areas, unaffected by wind. Many of the orbs appeared disc-shaped, while others appeared more like that in the amateur video shown below; the video was shot during the height of the sighting wave in late 2014.

“Often times, the light appears for several minutes at a time, shoots to the western sky, then stop and beam back east,” the owner of the UFO Watchtower, Judy Messoline, told a local news reporter. “It’s simply too difficult to explain.”

This short film from the website Vice features interviews with locals who have had sightings, as well as the owner of the tower.

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