X-Files Returns on Sunday, Monday

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Update: the UK’s International Business Times is reporting that you will be able to watch the first episode online on Fox.com, or on the Fox Now service. We are presuming that those in countries other than the US and UK will also be able to stream. Let us know; tweet to us at @area51org.

I don’t blame you if you live under a rock. When the media promotes dimwits and jackasses non-stop, and the news is completely focused on terror and negativity, it’s better to just withdraw in disgust.

David and Gillian

Real-Life Pals David Duchovny and Gillian
Anderson Return as Mulder and Scully

So, if you haven’t heard that The X-Files is returning to television for a six-episode mini-series starting Sunday, January 24 with another episode on Monday, January 25—well, we forgive you.

(If you have never seen The X-Files at all, there is no such leniency. Get over to Netflix immediately; the entire series is there. Sample it by starting with Season One’s “Deep Throat”, then maybe “Fallen Angel” and “E.B.E.”. All three deal with UFOs and aliens. If you want to see the show veer away from that a bit, check out the excellent “Beyond the Sea”.)

The two stars of The X-Files, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, have maintained their friendship in real life. At some point, Duchovny proposed another set of episodes, maybe just a short series. Anderson took some convincing but eventually went all in, as did series creator Chris Carter. They shot the episodes last summer in Vancouver, where the original series had been filmed, a perfect location for the moody and mysterious atmosphere of the show.

Reviews are already in. Some say the whole thing sucks ’cause, dude, the ’90s are so over, while others are more even-handed, saying that while the episodes get off to a slightly wobbly start, they pick up momentum and stand with the best of the series.

Me? I don’t give a damn if the episodes suck. I just want to see the old gang back together—Mitch Pileggi is back as FBI bigwig Walter Skinner, the Cigarette Smoking Man’s menacing presence returns, and there are rumors that the show will find a way to bring back its best supporting characters, The Lone Gunmen. (Please, God, please. The characters were killed off in their own ill-fated series, The Lone Gunmen, and we’d like to pretend that none of that ever happened.)

Note that if you’re on Pacific Time (like we here at Area51.org HQ), Fox has got some weird scheduling for the first episode—while the east coast will see it at 10PM, west coasters see it, well, at the same time, at about 7PM (“after football” says Fox). Not so easy to set a DVR to that. For the rest of the world, check your local listings. Or find alternate means to see it. By all means, though, see it—even if it’s just to see the old band back together. We hear the series gets better.

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